Notice to all Members Regarding Bar Price Review – please take time to read

Dear Social Member
While I address this message to all Social Members, it is important to note that we are all by default Social Members of our Sailing Club, regardless of class of membership we hold.
There has been a lot of publicly aired opinion with regards to the recent increase in price charged for wine at the Sailing Club, in particular, the price now being charged for a 25cl bottle. There have been all sorts of questions asked round what do I get for my membership fee and why should I be bothering to continue with my membership.
Pricing, regardless of what it is for at our club, is always an emotive subject, particularly when the Board are rightly expected to not allow any part of the Sailing Club to become loss making and make sure people get value for their membership fee. The recent bar price increases were, as detailed previously, forced upon us due to outside factors and all bars will have the same challenge. The increase on wine was part of phased approach over two years to bring the price of this more into line with other products we sell. However, people have been asking why we cannot run some items at a lower profit marine than others, justified on the basis of higher turn over of that item(s).
We are listening to our members and will conduct a deeper review of the charging overall, using both required markup on each item and turn over. While that review is ongoing, we will reduce the price of the 25cl bottle of wine back down, in order that it is only subject to the same percentage increase recently applied to all other products.
Please be very assured, we are only acting in the interest of the Sailing Club as a whole to make sure the lights remain on. However, members have asked us to look at this again to see what we can afford and we will do that.
There have been some good suggestions coming forward in amongst all the other airing of views, mainly round alternative sourcing, review of product lines sold and special deals. These are now being looked into and will require some small logistical changes behind the bar, but they WILL happen, because members are asking for this.
Please be assured, the Social side of our club is very important and there has been a lot of effort put in to that side of our club. There has been investment of club funds refurbishing our clubhouse, there are specific social events back in the calendar, along with regatta social events which were re-introduced last year. This area of our club is getting a lot of attention after a lot of years of gradual decay and we are starting to see a much more vibrant clubhouse. Our volunteers continue to do all we can to keep our bar prices much lower than your local bar and to reinvigorate the social program, in order that Social Membership remains very good value. Social Members of our club continue to be highly valued and an important part of the dynamic that is Dalgety Bay Sailing Club.

DBSC Commodore


17th April – report to members on outcome….

As requested via member feedback, the Board have concluded the review of turn over by item sold to look at any item that may justify a higher discounted rate for price charged due to turn over. The following is a breakdown of the result of that study.

Turn Over Report

This information was shared with the Board at the April meeting and after review agreement was reached that there was no item that had a sufficiently higher percentage of overall sales to justify a higher discount. It was also agreed we would have to reapply the price increase to the 25cl bottles of wine. However, this item will not go back to £4 per bottle, but only increase by a further 10p, taking the cost to £3.85. We also intend to leave the price of a full sized bottle of wine unchanged at £12 and are in the process of sourcing stock and making sure full sized bottles of wine are always available.

Our intention is to only review prices annual on or around April, as has been the case for the last two years. It is hoped this annual price review will see us through till next April and there will be no unexpected price increases from suppliers / overheads / the tax man.


2 thoughts on “Notice to all Members Regarding Bar Price Review – please take time to read

  1. It is indeed unfortunate that this message singles out ‘Social Members’ rather than ‘Members’. It reinforces the apparent belief in some quarters that the bar is the domain of the ‘Social Member’ and the ‘Sailing Members’ simply sail. This generally seems to be used to isolate the bar and ‘social’ as something that is almost anti-sailing. Whilst it is certainly true that those who sail might be encouraged to make more use of the bar facilities, I can assure you that a goodly proportion of the few ‘regulars’ in the bar are full sailing members.

    1. Unfortunate its seen that way however I would reckon on it being un-intentional. Almost seems to be a case of “damned if you do” or “damned if you don’t”. I think the purpose of the release was to explain whats happening behind the scenes, with the actions no doubt being carried out by amateur unpaid volunteers. To criticise this seems petty and unreasonable in my view.

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