An Invitation from Port Edgar Sailing Club to “Cruise In Company”

Sunday 27th April

Cruise to Aberdour

Depart Port Edgar 10.30am

Return 4.30 to 5 pm


Sunday 25th May

Cruise to Limekilns

Depart Port Edgar 10.00am

Return 3.30 to 4pm


Sunday 27th July

Cruise to Burntisland

Depart Port Edgar 11.00am

Return 5.30 to 6pm


Saturday 16th August          

Cruise to Lindisfarne- Holy Island

Depart Port Edgar 8.00am

Return Saturday 23rd

Visiting Anstruther; May Island; Eyemouth; Holy Island; Lindisfarne; Farne Islands; Eyemouth; Dunbar; Bass Rock; Fidra; Inchkeith.


To participate in any of the above please contact John Murphy on  07774241771


Please could you return your Keelboat questionnaire which has been sent out to all members as soon as possible and we can have our own Cruising Programme.

Brian Smith – Cruising Rep –


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