Notice to Mariners 08 of 2014. 25th April 2014

No 08 of 2014                                                                                           25 April 2014



 Construction Operations at Hound Point Terminal

References: Chart No 736.

1. From the 3rd of May to mid June 2014 construction operations in support of terminal refurbishment will be carried out at Hound Point No.1 involving a number of heavy lifts. These will be carried out by crane barge ‘Forth Atlas’ which will be moored alongside Hound Point No.1 Jetty on the North side throughout the period of the construction operations. ‘Forth Jouster’ will be in attendance throughout.

2. The crane barge ‘Forth Atlas’ will be moored to Hound Point No.1 Jetty and to two offshore moorings systems leading from the bow and stern of the ‘Forth Atlas’. Each mooring system will consist of:

  • 140 metres of 28mm wire leading from the barge connected to chain through a mooring buoy.
  • The 48 mm chain will run a further 110 metres to an anchor, lying in part on the seabed.
  • The mooring lines will run at an angle of 045° from the terminal berthing line i.e. 016°T and 286° T.

The positions of the anchors (buoys in brackets) will initially be as follows:

  • 56 degrees 00.45 N   003 degrees 21.75 W (56 degrees 00.40 N 003 degrees 21.77 N)
  • 56 degrees 00.37 N  003 degrees 22.04 W (56 degrees 00.34 N 003 degrees 21.95 N)

 Then moving to:

  •  56 degrees  00.47 N  003 degrees  21.64 W (56 degrees 00.43 N 003 degrees 21.68 N)
  • 56 degrees  00.39 N  003 degrees  21.97 W (56 degrees 00.37 N 003 degrees 21.87 N)
  • The mooring system buoys are yellow in colour, with a small light buoy (Fl 2s) tethered to each.

3. Through the period of operations, Hound Point Terminal will update Forth and Tay Navigation Service on a daily basis with the schedule of the operations.

4. The lifts carried out by ‘Atlas’ are very sensitive to movement. All vessels including recreational craft are therefore requested to pass Hound Point at minimum speed consistent with their own safety throughout the period.

5. Vessels and barges operating in support of the construction work will be restricted in their ability to manoeuvre and should be given as wide a berth as possible.

6. Vessels are warned NOT to pass between the buoys and the terminal. The wires will be under tension at all times and will lie immediately below the surface.

7. Mariners are reminded that it is prohibited to approach Hound Point Terminal closer than 100m without authorisation from the Authority.


Status of previously published notices:

No 26 of 2009 remains in force

Nos 14 of 2011 remains in force

No 22 of 2012 remains in force

Nos 4, 7, 11, 16, 26, 32, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 42, 43 and 44 of 2013 remain in force

Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of 2014 remain in force


(Signed K Johnston)


Harbour Master Forth Inner


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