Race Office / Safety Boat Reminder

As the sailing season is now in full swing, we felt it time to remind everyone of their responsibilities when they are due to either perform Race Officer or Safety Boat duties.

You can find full details of what is required here – OOD & Rescue Duty

But please note the following key points –

  • None of us can go racing unless we all take our turn with duties over the course of the year.
  • The Race Officer is responsible for all aspects of the race, so should be there well before the race starts (an hour before race start is advisable) in order to meet safety boat crew(s) and agree handling of the race based on conditions. They also need to remain in attendance till safety boats are recovered ashore.
  • Safety Boat Driver and Crew are fully responsible for their craft! This includes launching, recovery, cleaning, flushing the engine and reporting any issues / breakages. Please do not pitch up 10 minutes before a race is due to start and expect to see a RIB tied to the jetty waiting for you! Like the Race Officer, you need to be there an hour before the race starts. Same is true after the race, don’t think you can just return ashore and leave without packing RIB away properly.
  • Our policy is to always recover ashore the safety boats after a race / training. The safety boat moorings are for use during racing and short term lying off only.


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