Club Clothing

It is great to see a growing number of people wearing the club tee-shirts / fleeces / hoddies that are part of the club regalia range. Hopefully, we will see more uptake and especially by members who travel to other sailing events, wearing their DBSC blue and white colours with pride. For those of you that may not have got round to ordering anything, the club have ordered a selection or garments to let you see and those are on display in the clubhouse. Hopefully it will encourage you all to buy something and we will hopefully see more people in the DBSC blue and white colours and all racers / travellers wearing the colours of one of Scotland top sailing club with pride.

More info on how to order can be found here. Please note, experience tells us they take 10 – 14 days to arrive, due to the one off nature of the ordering method.

Also – we have a stock of club burgees again. So you can fly the DBSC flag literally from your boat. They are £15 each and if you would like to buy one of these, contact RC Social or The Commodore.


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