Cruising rep’s report for the first outing of the season

Two Beer Cruise 26th May

At departure time the weather was overcast and hardly a puff of wind, but two skippers had turned up!! For the first outing this was a move in the right direction, but I’m sure we can do better.

We left the moorings and headed up river for Port Edgar. The weather did not improve but we had the tide!

On arrival we tied up on the pontoons (very posh) and then went in search of food and refreshment.

After being fed and consuming the two beers (which were compulsory and very enjoyable)we made our way back to  the pontoons and found to our surprise that the sun had come out and a breeze had sprung up. Things were really looking up.

The sail back to the club moorings was uneventful but now we had a good breeze to send us on our way and so we made good time.

The turnout was not big but those who took part really enjoyed the trip and more importantly enjoyed the company!

Brian Smith Cruising Rep.

Ps  Look out for the next Cruise on 5th July.


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