Cruising rep’s report for the second outing of the season.

Supper at Granton Saturday 5th July

Three boats made the journey, only two stayed overnight.

We all met at Granton at 17.30 and made our way to the local hostelry, The Starbank.

The choice of food was vast and the range of beers was even bigger. This was a very pleasant social evening which was only surpassed by the weather. It was the best of the year so far! The sun was warm and the Forth was oily flat and that was at 10.30. Meandering back to Granton was a bit slower than the earlier walk but this was only due to the glorious evening!

One boat left for the club mooring and the other crews met on New Wave for hot chocolate and biscuits. A quiet night was forecast but some of us doubted it. After the nightcap we all returned to our own boats.

One boat left for the club at 07.30 in the morning (the skipper was concerned about the amount of heavy vibrations coming from within the hull). The other went for a sail and returned to the club later in the day.

It was encouraging to see more members participating in this event.


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