Mural Thanks … and clubhouse refurbishment

The large push to refurbish our clubhouse is coming to an end now and we have had lots of great feedback from members. If you have not visited the clubhouse for some time, please do, the change may come as a surprise.

We have also had a very noticeable increase in clubhouse hire bookings as a direct consequence, which is vital if we are to keep the bar breaking even.

While lots of people have contributed to the refurbishment activities, the recent addition of the two murals in the lounge area drawn by our resident artist John Gilbert we felt deserved a bit more public thanks for his efforts. People have had lots of fund spotting their boats on the moorings and in some cases, themselves within the picture of the dinghy’s sailing in front of the club house. Thank you John, for your hours and hours of craft that means we now have a permanent record of sailing activities at our club. I think the days of people saying our clubhouse does not look like a sailing club are behind us now.

We of course continue now to improve, update, maintain our clubhouse, so any thoughts / views on areas needing focus, please highlight so we can plan / budget for.

mural 1

mural 2


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