Notice to Mariners – FRC 4 (b) of 2014 – FORTH REPLACEMENT CROSSING NORTH TOWER

No: FRC 4 (b) of 2014                                                                                     2 September 2014

Refer to Notice to Mariners FRC 04(a) / 2014 for full introduction to the Taklift operation.
Expected tower schedule will be subject to change, therefore daily updates regarding the position of the TAKLIFT 6 will be available from the FCBC Marine Controller via 07919 597 197. Latest information will be available throughout from FTNS.
North Tower
Attached are 2x chartlets depicting the mooring arrangement at the 2x positions to be undertaken around the North Tower mainly during the months of September / October.
‘Position 1’ refers to North Tower (North side) and ‘Position 2’ refers to North Tower (South side).
The mooring wires are colour coded to signify depth below the water surface as follows:
Green – deeper than 12m
Yellow – depth between 6m – 12m
Red – shallower than 6m
Note: these diagrams depict wire depths at Chart Datum. As the tide rises, the length of the green line would increase towards the barge.
Anchor tripping wires will be buoyed. Where the anchor is positioned in the channel, the buoy will be given sufficient wire along the seabed to enable the buoy to be off-set out-with the channel.

Position 1 – NorthTower (North side)
Anchor Position Wire 12m Depth Position
56° 0.784 N
3° 24.863 W
Does not achieve 12m
56° 0.725 N
3° 24.386 W
Does not achieve 12m
56° 0.34 N
3° 24.433 W
56° 0.478’N
3° 24.502’W
56° 0.627 N
3° 25.02 W
Does not achieve 12m
Position 2 – North Tower (South side)
Anchor Position Wire 12m Depth Position
56° 0.727 N
3° 24.779 W
Does not achieve 12m
56° 0.725 N
3° 24.386 W
Does not achieve 12m
56° 0.396 N
3° 24.293 W
Does not achieve 12m
56° 0.513 N
3° 24.991 W
56° 0.516’N
3° 24.968’W

The 4x mooring wires to the barge will be bar tight and will extend beyond the existing
FCBC exclusion zones.
All marine traffic is instructed to stay well clear of the Taklift barge and surrounding area during this operation, specifically out-with the ‘hatched’ temporary exclusion zone on the attached chartlets. FCBC guard vessels will be on station at all times to monitor approaching craft and intercept direction of travel where potential encroachment of mooring lines exists.
Rosyth Channel:
Vessels will not be scheduled to arrive / depart the Port of Rosyth during Taklift operations.
Particular vessels may be scheduled to do so on a case-by-case planning basis.
Taklift operations will be scheduled around the Rosyth Ferry and other pre-planned vessel
Main Channel:
Not directly affected.
Vessels passing the barge during its lift phase must proceed at a minimum safe speed to keep their wash to a minimum, so as to least impact the lifting operation.
All timings will be managed directly between FTNS and FCBC Marine Controller.
Documents Attached
Position 1 – North Tower (North Side)
Position 2 – North Tower (South Side)
When viewing electronically – zoom in to reduce density of hatching and to see detail underneath. Density appears less when attachment is printed.
Status of previously published notices:
Nos FRC 01, 02 of 2011 remain in force
Nos FRC 23, 24 of 2012 remain in force
No FRC 2, 4 (a) of 2014 remains in force.

Chief Harbour Master



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