Advanced AGM Notice

Preparation work has started for the club Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 13th November. Sounds ages away, but we have to start getting ready this early due to the current 28 day notice of meeting period. A pole round of current Flag Officers has highlighted a number of vacancies that we really need volunteers to fill (please note, even though some Rear Commodores are staying on, there is nothing to stop somebody being nominated for these roles and this going to a vote at the meeting). The following is the list of vacancies –
– Commodore
– Vice Commodore
– Rear Commodore Shore
– Rear Commodore Training
– Communications Officer
There is no need to do anything now, as nomination forms will be sent along with notice of AGM, but if it ever crossed your mind to get involved and do your volunteer / giveback spell, now is as good a time as any.

ps – AGM material is available to all members at any time via our website. However, to keep this kind of information within the sailing club, it is password protected. If you have forgotten the password, please do not hesitate to contact any Flag Officer who will give you details. We only apply the password to Board Meeting Minutes and AGM material.


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