Gavin Adamson Race 2017 – POSTPONED

After some discussion and consideration of the weather forecast, George, our Race Officer, in consultation with others, has decided that the race should be postponed until 27 August.

If the weather forecast materialises, the conditions for RIB launching and race management would be difficult and potentially unsafe. We have also received a number of requests and one withdrawal from potential entrants. In the circumstances, we wanted to give people sufficient advance warning to avoid unnecessary journeys and boat movements and also give the opportunity to reorganise their weekend.

Rather than lose the race from the calendar and series, we intend to run it on 27 August, when the FYCA calendar is lighter and the tides are reasonable.

Revised SIs and start times will be issued in due course.

We look forward to seeing you in August.

2012 Keelboat Fruitcake Series

The Keelboat Fruitcake series of races starts on Sunday 3rd June.

This series is now in its third year and is a series of mixed format races to try and bring some variety into the round the cans format and give people who may not have raced before, an easier opportunity to take part.

For 2012 we have moved three of the races in this series to a Sunday, starting 5 minutes after the dinghy fleet first round of starts that day (they normally have two races on a Sunday). That way we make use of the Race Office already in place, give people who can’t make a Friday evening a chance to race and hopefully build more friendship bridges between the dinghy and keelboat fleets.

Please consider coming along and taking part in some or all of these races, which are aimed at having fun on the water.

Sunday 3rd June                       Gated Start – All boats must pass through start line no later than 15 minutes after the start signal and their recorded time will start from the time they cross the line – no noisy shouting on the line!

Sunday 15th July                     White Sale – Spinnakers are banned!

Friday 3rd August                    Down Wind Start – Self explanatory, as opposed to an upwind start on a beat, we start down wind. Lots of fun trying to time it just right, but kept for Friday so we have a dedicated start line as opposed to sharing with dinghies for obvious reasons.

Friday 31st August                  Finish in the Dark – As it says on the tin, it is the usual 7:30pm Friday start time, but a course will be set so you finish in the dark and are keep clear of the shipping lanes! It will not be much later than the usual finish of between 8:30pm and 9pm.

Sunday 16th September      Two Handed Race – Only two people permitted onboard, including helm. You can fly the spinnaker if you’re clever. A very popular format on The West and becoming popular through here. If you struggle to get crew, this is the one for you.

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club Radium Statement to Members – 26th April 2012

Dear Member

Further to the recent correspondences to yourselves its worthwhile that I make you aware of a number of issues that face the club in the forthcoming season. As I previously reported the Management Committee Senior members met on Monday 23rdApril to discuss a number of issues that had arisen recently. These were as follows

  • The club insurance policy was renewed and it was thought prudent to confirm the extent of cover regards the contamination. The insurance agent and underwriter have now replied and the club is not covered against any third party claims nor for any pollution emanating from the contamination within the clubs grounds.  I have replied to the insurer and asked for absolute confirmation of this as well as whether another company may underwrite the shortcoming in the cover and this action is outstanding.
  • The club has insurance to protect its Senior and Flag officers (past present and future) against claims from outside parties . The insurance agent and underwriter have confirmed that this cover also excludes any claims based around the radium contamination however I have written back to them to confirm the exact extent of cover. Again I have asked for absolute confirmation of this as well as whether another company may underwrite the shortcoming in the cover and this action too is outstanding.
  • The MOD have asked the club for approval to place a second container within the grounds of the club. Having checked with regard to the position of club liability with respect to thecontainers, it became apparent that the club is not covered for anyone either entering the containers, falling from them or any action or injury associated with them.  During correspondence with the MOD we learned that the current container is being used for the storage of low level radioactive material retrieved from the club site with which a number of Senior Committee officers and Flag Officers were uncomfortable.
  • The Committee members present then learned from SEPA, in advance of publication, that a new piece of radioactive material was removed from the headland, found at a depth of 35 cm, from the foreshore directly in front of the club during last weekend.  This was of significant energy and rated approximately as the third most active particle found within the club grounds.

With SEPA in attendance at the meeting the committee asked SEPA for, and have now today received, a statement to allow club members to assess from themselves the risks associated with the containers. Dr Paul Dale kindly sent us the following official SEPA statement;

“SEPA has given the MoD (DIO) permission to accumulate radioactive waste in a container at Dalgety Bay only in order that it may be disposed of in accordance with the conditions and limitations set by SEPA.  The radioactive waste within the store is radium and has arisen from monitoring and recovery operations at Dalgety Bay.  The external hazard posed by the radioactive waste currently in the container is low and does not warrant any special precautions to be taken for members of the public or club going about their daily business.”

During the meeting a number of decision were taken with the following actions were agreed by the committee –

  • MOD/DIO would be asked to remove the container from the club grounds within seven days to reduce the risk associated to the club and officers with the lack of insurance. This has now been issued to the MOD and the removal is awaited. Should this not occur then the club will contact SEPA and ask them to remove it on the clubs behalf.
  • A number of committee members were concerned about the container remaining on site and the committee knowingly allowing club activities to continue, with club members being unaware of the situation regarding it and the new radioactive material find. A vote was taken as to whether to postpone all sailing activities until members could be fully informed of the situation and thus able to make their own assessment of the situation. This vote was carried hence the note to members postponing the training and sailing planned.
  • The committee discussed the liability associated with the insurance issues, as forced by the contamination issue, and have agreed to consult a solicitor, at cost, to confirm how the club may best move forward safely and properly. This is currently in progress and two solicitors have been contacted. The terms of reference are being prepared as a brief for the chosen solicitor. The  solicitor chosen will be fully familiar and experienced with the issues surrounding the designation of contaminated land and will be employed to assist the club and committee in deciding the best way forward and how the club may best position itself for future sailing activity.

I do hope this clarifies the current position of the club and committee and goes some way to explaining why we had to make a quick judgement call to fully inform all members intending to participate in scheduled training and sailing events this week, of these lastest developments.  If you have any other questions contact me via e mail on


Donald Adrain, Commodore

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club Radium Statement to Members – 24th April 2012

Dear Member

The sailing club management Committee met on the 24th April, 2012, with SEPA representatives in attendance, to discuss a number of forthcoming issues the club may face with regard to the well known Radium contamination.

While the situation has not changed since my last update, and the risks and necessary precautions remain the same and should continue to be observed, an issue surrounding the MOD/AMEC container placed in the club grounds was discussed.

This container is used to store low level activity material retrieved by MOD/DIO contractors from the site. Having discussed this at length, and considered the clubs position and liability, the committee decided the safest option for the club and members was to ask the MOD/DIO to remove this container  within seven days and in the meantime suspend sailing activities until this action was completed to minimise any risk to the club and its members.

SEPA have monitored the area surrounding the container and have categorically stated that the levels of radioactivity coming from the locked steel container are well within safe and acceptable levels .They have deemed it a low risk to passing and adjacent persons however the committee agreed that in the best interests of the club it should still be removed off site within the period given.

The Management committee continues to be an active participant in the discussions surrounding the contamination and will continue to update all members as and when progress in made by Sepa/MOD/DIO and any other agencies.

We would again draw your attention to the information contained under the Regulations and Safety tab on the website.


Donald Adrain Commodore (Commodore)

Keelboat Racing

Keelboat Racing

Fancy trying something different and fun that does not involve getting soaked  and without your underwear clinging uncomfortably to your bum ??
You need to try keelboat racing at Dalgety Bay on a Friday night and it’s not too far off.
First race is Friday 11th May so make a note on your calendar to turn up at 6:30 pm on the slipway and shout “I too wish to join the fellowship of the keelboats and am worthy”… then realise you  got the day wrong and are alone apart from a stray dog and two lost tourists……Exit stage left…
Turn up on the right day and  then will we furnish you with safety gear and take you out for the first step on an addictive lifelong passion… have to try it… you owe it to yourself to try something new!!!
You don’t have to be fit… don’t have to be under 40… don’t have to be in control of all faculties… aye well ok maybe that but remember  Friday 11th May
If you are up for it and want more info give me a shout at

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club – Prize giving for 2011 season

DBSC held its annual prize giving on Saturday 25 February.

After an initial drink and some canapés to match, the event got underway with a speech by vice-commodore John Sim.  John summarised the events of 2011, which included the successful launch of a Novice series, and of two races in the Wednesday summer series.

Looking forward to the 2012 season John mentioned the new Jubilee Series – an open event with two races a night from 6 to 8 June.

Ronnie Millar (Rear Commodore Sailing) announced the dinghy winners. Ian Renilson led the way in terms of prizes in the asymmetric class, with 4 trophy wins and two second places. Stewart Moss picked up 3 trophies in the handicap class.

In the keel boat section David Williams in Brief Encounter dominated picking up 7 of the 11 trophies available – a larger bookshelf will be required in their house.

The prize for best junior went to Jamie LeGood, and that for most races sailed (the famous Dalgety Bay paddle) went to John Hilton.

The annual Ocean Youth Trust prize for the junior member who has shown outstanding commitment in racing, training and off water activities – went to Emily McCready.

The final prize of the night was for David Williams…but this time for the infamous Bent Propellor Award (awarded for best disaster) due to some excessive mooring dragging in the early season gales.

The evening finished with music, dancing and the odd celebration or two from the many winners at the event.

Prize Winners:

Photos on our  Page at DBSC Prize Giving 25/02/2012

Laser Race Training

Hi All Laser sailors
The vast majority of responses I received wished to have the training on the two Saturdays indicated (3rd & 24th of March).
So the format for the first Sat (3rd March) will be as below, we will see how this works and adjust if necessary for the 24th
  • Ready to be on the water by 10.00am (I will try and get someone to open the galley for hot drinks in the morning)
  • Lunch between 12.00 & 13.00 either bring packed lunch or use the bar upstairs
  • Back on the water for 13.00 finish at 16.00
  • Debrief 16.30 (look at videos in the clubhouse or training room if there is a function going on)
Please let Stewart Moss know if you are intending to come to the first session on the 3rd.

Keelboat Meeting, 9th March @ 7:30pm

As is tradition, the keelboat community get together at the end and start of each season. The idea is we review the season that has just passed, and make plans for the coming year. The 2012 season is fast approaching, all be it can’t come quickly enough, so we have scheduled a meeting in the club house for 9th March at 7:30pm. All are welcome, not just keelboat sailors.
This meeting is kept as informal as possible, but areas we would like to make sure we cover are –

Radium issue and keelboat owner considerations for the 2012 season
High number of inactive boats, how can we help / results of survey

Developing next generation of keelboat sailors
– Try a keelboat days
– Improved tie into Dinghy community / training
– Adult sailing development
2012 sailing calendar
– DBSC FIG’s change to Forth Weekend proposal – will be explained on the evening
– Cruising
– Fife Regatta
– BAD Cup
– Friday & Saturday Races and formats
Communications – getting keelboat community more into line with the rest of the club
Facilities – weather station & webcam
Safety & Regulations
Pool activities more to make it easier for some to get afloat – moorings, raft, launch, recovery.

And as per normal, does anyone want to pick up one of the four Keelboat sailing posts? John Sim, Donald Adrain, Sarah Birrell and Lionel Booth have been covering as best they can for a while now. We all do this along with giving our time in other areas of the club. If anyone is interested in being consider for any of the four Keelboat posts – Rep, Racing, Cruising & Moorings – it would need agreement from those attending the meeting, so nominations in advance please.

Autumn Keelboat Meeting – Friday 18th November, 7:30pm

It’s that time again where the keelboat community get together to go over the previous season to go over what went well and what went wrong and plan for the coming year. We all know that keelboat participation levels are at an all time low. This is not just racing, but the number of yachts actually getting wet in 2011 affected all aspects of keelboat sailing. While this is not just a DBSC issue and is actually something we are seeing across the whole of Scotland, we do need to take a look at what we do as a sailing club in order to align to the change in participation levels, or to try and improve the situation.

While it is normally the Spring meeting where we review holders of Keelboat Rep, Keelboat Racing Rep, Cruising Rep and Moorings Rep roles, as we did not have a meeting last spring we should declare this delinquency. We are always open to new blood in any of these roles, as it gives a fresh perspective, so if anyone is interested in being considered for any of these posts, please let the Commodore and Vice Commodore know.

Running on a Friday evening is to try and make the meeting as informal as possible in order to get the ideas and views flowing. We hope you can make it along and share your views.

Donald, John, Sarah, Lionel

OPEN AGENDA MEETING, Wednesday 26th October 2011, at 7:30pm

You are cordially invited to an Open Agenda meeting to discuss matters relating to Club activities in general. The Management Committee requires feedback from you, the members, so that it may formulate policies to meet your future requirements. This is your meeting and your chance to voice your criticisms and aspirations. Please make that extra effort to attend. A representative of SEPA will be in attendance.

Please note that the meeting will start promptly at 7:30pm and is for Club Members only

Informal Sailing:

It would be great to see more informal sailing at Dalgety Bay. It’s a great venue, and fairly safe, so long as you are sensible:

  • Don’t go out on your own if conditions are marginal, or you have any doubts.
  • Think where you would drift if you broke something critical, like a mast. Then make sure you sail in areas that would allow you to come ashore quickly – preferably near DBSC. That normally means upwind &/or uptide.
  • Take a fully-charged mobile phone in a waterproof bag &/or a VHS radio – and make sure you know how to use them to contact useful people, with key phone numbers in your phone.
  • If you are sailing in the evening when you could get caught-out in the dark, take a whistle & torch.
  • Wrap-up warmly in the winter – you cool-down very quickly if you spend time in the water
  • Let someone ashore know what you are doing.
  • Preferably go out sailing with someone else – it’s more fun, and much safer.

We could help to promote safe informal sailing at DBSC by the use of social networking sites to encourage other people on the water at the same time – there is safety in numbers. And if several people want to go at the same time a club rib can be used for safety cover.

And if there is safety cover, then club boats can be used.

DBSC already has a Facebook page that you can join & use to post messages – search for Dalgety Bay Sailing Club on Facebook, or follow the link:!/groups/58588880350/

It is a closed group, so you have to join, but then you can post messages to other people who have joined the group – so if you think you might like to go informal sailing – join the group!

However, we are open to other ways of promoting informal sailing at Dalgety Bay – suggestions please!

Ian Renilson – Tel (01383) 823811

Attention Keelboat Sailors!

Now that most of you have put your boats to bed for the winter, what about joining the dinghies for the rest of the season?

The club has several boats that can be used – I’m thinking principally of the Stratos (a small keelboat, really! But with an asymmetric spinnaker and a trapeze – which you don’t need to use), and the Bahia – same concept, just a bit smaller and without the trapeze.

Both boats are reef-able if necessary.

Information on the boats can be found on the club web site at:

There is a crewfinder page on the web site that you can use to find a partner:

To book boats, contact Stewart Moss 07740205887/

Bridge Traffic:

The hold-ups on the bridge were pretty bad last weekend – some people were late for racing, and we think others were put-off completely.

The good news is that: there are no road-works scheduled for this weekend!

Further info at:

Four Inches FIG Race – June 26th 2011

It’s that time again, DBSC are hosting our second Annual FIG for Keelboats. The weather is looking promising for the weekend, so we hope to see you out there. The more DBSC boats we have along, the greater the opportunity for some club success in the Forth fleet, and of course we would like to have a good turn out. Sailing instructions for this event can be found here.

Fife Regatta: Event Canceled

Sadly, this years Fife Regatta scheduled for Sunday 8th May has been cancelled. This is extremely disappointing for us here at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, as we did spend some time restructuring the event to make it more appealing to sailors and we had identified a fundamental error that would have helped with course options. However, our small but active club are struggling to provide adequate Race Officer cover on the committee boat, so have no choice other than to cancel the event.

Hopefully doing this well in advance will give you adequate time to get this notice out to your membership who may have be planning to compete in this weekends regatta.

John Sim

Keel Boat Racing Representative

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club

Fife Regatta

Sadly, this years Fife Regatta scheduled for Sunday 8th May has been cancelled. This is extremely disappointing for us here at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, as we did spend some time restructuring the event to make it more appealing to sailors and we had identified a fundamental error that would have helped with course options. However, our small but active club are struggling to provide adequate Race Officer cover on the committee boat, so have no choice other than to cancel the event.

Hopefully doing this well in advance will give you adequate time to get this notice out to your membership who may have be planning to compete in this weekends regatta.

John Sim

Keel Boat Racing Representative

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Fife Regatta – Sunday 8 May 2011
New one day format: 4 short races – ideal for getting race sharp
Divison 1, 2 and Cruiser classes
Sunday 8th May at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club or committee Boat until 09.25am, or in advance to: Sailing Secretary (Keelboats), Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, The Wynd, Dalgety Bay, Fife, KY11 9SB.Fees
The entry fee per boat is £15. Entries may be made in advance by post or in person at DBSC, or by email to using the standard FYCA entry form available on the FYCA website. If entering by email the appropriate fee must be paid at the DBSC clubhouse before the results are published on Sunday 8th May to avoid disqualification. Except in exceptional circumstances entries or payment will NOT be accepted ‘on the water’.

The standard form can be found at:

You can find all the races and a link to the registration form here:

Keelboats :: BAD Cup 2011

Aberdour Boat Club  Sunday  15 MAY 2011

Start Time: 11:30hrs       HW: 13.26BST

For all club members, whether you race or not, come to Aberdour Boat Club to compete or cruise in company.

This is a friendly competition between Fife Sailing Clubs ~ Aberdour Boat Club, Burntisland Sailing Club and Dalgety Bay Sailing Club.

Yachts which finish will count towards their club score. There will be one discard per 4 yachts.

One White Sail Race.  Two Starts (Choose which one you want!);   There will be a nice long start line!

After the racing socialise with the opposition in the ABC Clubhouse.

For more details, click here