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RYA champion club

Situated on the north shore of the Firth of Forth, approximately 3 miles east of the Forth Rail Bridge.

The club lies in its own extensive coastal grounds complete with a high tide access harbour, two slipways and a jetty, and the large clubhouse offering unrivalled views out over the river to Edinburgh and the Forth Bridges.

rya training centre smallDuring the sailing season, dinghy racing takes place on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Junior and adult training takes place on Tuesday evenings and Keelboat racing takes place on Friday evenings. In addition to regular club racing, DBSC hosts several major regattas each year. You can’t find a better place to enjoy sailing!


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14 thoughts on “DBSC

  1. Is your club open to new members? Weekly meet or anything? I have no sailing experience. Looking to meet new people while doing something fun.

  2. Hello i live just up the road in lade braes and have a small boat which we would love to get out on the forth could you please tell me how much you would charge me to use your slipway to launch our boat?

    Many thanks

    Kev winterson

    1. This is not really the way we operate, as we are not a commercial organisation. We do not mind a one off use of our slipway free of charge, but for regular use we really need to insist on people becoming members. Of course, in turn people can store their boat without our boat park and use our other facilities.

  3. Hi I’m 14 and have a RYA sailing certificate grade 2. I just wanted to know what a sailing memebership would include like if they’re is weekly meets to go sailing or like training sessions.

    1. Hi Daniel, so we have a junior membership which gives you access to borrow the boats we have. At present we have whats known as Tuesday Night sailing.
      How about you come along on Tuesday and I’ll show what we do. We also have racing on a Wednesday night and Sunday Afternoon.


  4. I am interested in joining the club. I have limited experience but love to sail. I would like to come along to see how things work. What’s the best way to proceed, do you have open events or can I just come along any time?

    Also I don’t have my own boat (yet), would this be an issue?

    1. Sounds like you would like a taster before committing to joining, which is understandable. We would welcome you coming along to try out sailing at a club and if your a dinghy sailor, we can even loan you a club boat – https://dbscweb.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/need-a-boat-to-race-in/. If you would like to come and try, please let us know when and we will do our best to have somebody meet you who may be going sailing at the same time. It is a pity the Tuesday Training Evenings have just finished, as that is the perfect road into the club to try sailing and meeting fellow sailors.

      1. That sounds great. Would there be anyone available on Saturday.

        (can’t find my original post on the site hence why I’ve replied to this email address)

      2. At this time of year, our only arranged sailing activity is on a Sunday afternoon. I will reply to your email address direct and copy in some of our volunteers to see if we can meet and greet.

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