The Sailing Club have entered into an agreement with Wave Clothing to provide sailing club regalia / branded clothing. This arrangement allows members to directly order garments they require from the supplier, so therefore no need for the sailing club to have an outlay on stock and the headache of trying to sell all of the items.

Anyone can access the Wave Cloth website –

and just click on our club badge from this page to be presented with a selection of clothing options.

Please note, the agreement we have means the club will not receive any commission on sales. We would much prefer people to be buying these items at the lowest cost possible and wear with pride, especially if you are attending sailing events at the club our elsewhere.

You are free to order what you wish of course, but we would encourage members to select only blue or white garments, because that way our club colours would be reflected. If we attend events as groups, it is great to see everyone in the same colours.,… something for our travelers both young and old to consider.

And there is an option to have an extra line of text added, so you can include your boat name and / or sail number.


One thought on “Club Regalia

  1. Ref DBSC club badge on Wave clothing and text line, I recommend encouraging members to put their name on the text line rather than the boat name. This should help social interaction and is used in the Services.
    Wilf Monteith.

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