About the Laser 4000

The Laser 4000 (aka 4K, 4-tonner) is a well known racing dinghy for two crew. Its one design weight-equalised system enables physically differing sailors to compete on a level playing field. It is most popular in Europe, particularly the UK, France and Italy.

laser4000_petecherylweb1Number of crew 2 (Single Trapeze)
LOA 4.64m
Beam with wings 1.50 m – 2.30 m
Mast Height 7.10m
Sail Area of total of Main10.80m sq.
Sail Area of total of Jib 3.90m sq.
Sail Area Spinnaker17.10m sq.

The Laser 4000 Class Captains Peter and Cheryl Taylor say:

laser4000_petecherylweb2The Laser 4000 is a fantastic single trapeze asymmetric dinghy which is weight equalised for competitive sailing.  The boat caters for a wide spectrum of abilities as it is forgiving to those who are just starting out in high performance skiffs yet gives great racing to those who are more practiced.  Peter and I have been sailing the Laser 4000 since 2006.  We spent the first season or two getting to grips with sailing together, we now enjoy racing at the club and at various travelers in both Scotland and the UK circuit.

If you would like to have a shot then please let Peter or I know as we can lend you one of our boats to try out.

Peter and Cheryl can be contacted at laser4000@dalgetybaysc.org

Other Useful Links

Laser 4000 Class Association: www.laser4000.org.uk


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