About the RS200

The RS200, designed in 1995, is a two person 13′ long modern racing dinghy. It features an uncomplicated asymmetric spinnaker and low sheet loads on the sail controls. It can be sailed by almost anyone, and at weights of between 16 and 26 stone can be competitive. This makes it particularly popular for parents to sail with children, or for two adults. They are not a beginners boat however.

rs200 v2Hull Type: Polyester GRP with Coremat Length: 4.00m (13’0)
Beam: 1.83m (6’0)
Weight: 78kg (172lb)
Sailing Weight: 114kg (251lb)
Mainsail: Main & Jib 11.52sq m (124sq ft)
Gennaker: 8.29m2 (89sq ft)

The RS200 Class Captain Bess Homer says:

I am Bess and will be the Class Captain for the RS200.  I first sailed my sister’s RS200 and fell for it straight away as it was light, responsive and you do not have to be too big to sail it. Kirsty and I bought our boat, “Bid for Freedom” six years ago and have been having lots of fun sailing it ever since.  We get great racing on a Wednesday night between about eight boats and good chat afterwards.  Before sailing the RS200 I did a lot of racing in the Europe Class for years before getting a Laser 4000. I am now mum to three lovely children and still like to get some racing in the evening. I am keen to encourage other or new members to come and join us on a Wednesday night racing or on Sunday afternoon.  I would like to organise a couple of evenings of training which may involve short sharp races and an evening of team racing if people are keen. Hope to see you on the water!

Bess can be contacted at rs200@dalgetybaysc.org

Other Useful Links

RS200 Owners Club: www.rs-association.com


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