About the Topper

An extremely popular single hander which is particularly suitable for children. It is generally used as a fun boat but can also be used in highly competitive fleets. The Topper is built from moulded plastic and is virtually indestructible.

top_dsc_5465Hull Construction: injection moulded polypropylene
Length: 3.4m
Beam: 1.2m
Weight: 43kg
Sail Area: 5.2 sq m
Sail material: Dacron
Capacity: One when racing but plenty of room for two when training.

The Club currently has five Toppers in the training fleet which are used intensively during Tuesday night training and Youth Week.

The Topper Class Captain Neil Herron says:

I have been sailing at Dalgety Bay for about four years, I joined the club when I was nine after it was recommended to me. I started in the Oppies, even though they are quite slow they are great to learn in. Then for my eleventh birthday I got my Topper. I try to sail as much as I can, and am down at the club most weekends. I race within the club but I don’t take part in the travellers. Most of the older Junior members sail toppers or lasers so it would be great if we could have juniors out sailing together a lot more. This year there will be a smaller course for the junior members to sail so even the less experienced sailors can come out and give it a go!! I would really like to get more people involved with the toppers as they are a great boat to start racing and to train in. It would also mean that all the topper sailors could have their own races and events, and get involved with more of the regattas.

Neil can be contacted at topper@dalgetybaysc.org

Useful Links

International Topper Class Association (GB):  www.gbrtopper.co.uk

The Topper Website: www.toppersailboats.com


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