About the GK24

Designed by Laurent Giles & Chris Hawkins in 1976 to the IOR Quarter Ton Rule, the GK 24 was a departure for Westerly Marine Construction Ltd from their usual cruising vessels, setting out to be a reasonably high-performance club racer, but also with sufficient comfort down below to have a satisfactory cruising capability.  Although no longer built they still exist in quite large numbers, and are scattered al lover the world. the yacht was produced in variety of configurations: masthead or fractional rig: racing keel or shoal keel: and inboard or outboard engine.

GK24_Image4Crew number : 4 or 5
LOA : 7.32m
Beam: 2.82m
Weight: up to 1860kg
Draft: 1.52m : Single Iron Keel

GK24_Brief_n_Counter_2The Class Captain post is vacant and we would welcome somebody else taking this role on.


The original GK24 brochure is reproduced here

Other Useful Links

GK24 Association: www.gk24.org


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