Needless to say the club does not run itself and nor to do the buildings and kit keep themselves in working order for members to enjoy. There is a regular group that meets every Tuesday morning called “The Tuesday Group” which takes care of the maintenance of both the grounds, mooring raft, marks etc. Volunteers are always welcome, even if you can only make the occasional day. The team start at 9:15am, all be it start time as flexible, but coffee breaks are not.


The Grounds Rules

Boat storage

Club members may use the club’s grounds for storage of their boats and related equipment with the prior consent of the Harbour Master. The rules and conditions which govern such storage are contained within section 6 of the Club Handbook.  The current layout of the club’s boat park is shown in the diagram below.

Boat park June 2017

Members assistance in parking their boats and equipment in these locations will help the ground to look more attractive to all users.

Use of the Harbour

Contact the Harbour Master if you wish to use the harbour.

The Harbour Master should be consulted in advance if the stay is likely to be longer than 3 days.

In the event of emergency use of the harbour being required without being able to give prior notice, the vessel owner must inform the Harbour Master and one of the Management Committee as soon as possible in such a case.


Regulation & Safety Information

The raft calendar is posted on a club house basement notice board. A form of communication must be carried at all times while using the raft. A VHF / mobile phone is NOT necessarily sufficient. The raft requires a minimum of 2 persons on board for mooring work. See also Raft Guidance.

The club tractor is a useful tool which is available to the membership, however currently there are only a few authorised drivers who have been trained for its use. For further information contact the Harbour Master or another committee member. See also Tractor Guidance.

Pressure Washer:

The club has a petrol powered pressure washer primarily for slip, raft and club boat cleaning. Use is limited to members over 21 year old and who have been trained in its use. For further information contact Rear Commodore Shore. See also: Guidance on Safe Use of Dalgety Bay Sailing Club Pressure Washer.