The club has a Communications team who are there to ensure everyone is kept properly informed of club events and announcements. For a club of this size there is lots of information to be shared and the team use 3 primary digital channels to communicate with our membership :-

The Monthly Email Newsletter … is our “pulse” where we keep the membership notified of what’s coming up both in the sailing world and socially. The Newsletter is sent out to members by email, fortnightly during the sailing season and monthly during the winter months. If you don’t receive it please drop a note to our Communications Team.

The Club Facebook Group Dalgety Bay Sailing Club … is the place for informal comms and banter about what is going in the club on a day to day basis. It’s also a great place to ask a question…. any question… on any topic related to the club. There will be photos posted of the most recent racing, informal race reports and information about other events in the club. It is a member only page so you will need to “Join” the page – or be invited by another member.

Our Club Website: … is the place we use to store static information regarding the day to day operation of the club .

That’s things like  :-

  • The Sailing Calendar – which show the times of every single sailing event for the year – including start times and tidal information
  • Links to Dutyman – the system we use to allocate duties for Race Officer and Rescue Drivers / Assistants
  • Racing Results service on Sailwave where we keep all race results
  • Information on all aspects of club management and minutes from all meetings including the annual AGM
  • All our policies and procedures to keep the club running safely and smoothly are stored here.
  • There is also a wealth of useful information about the history of the club which has built up over the years

The club has a communications protocol which is currently being updated.

Online is obviously our preferred option for communication with members, as per our constitution. We will do some paper based communication (i.e. membership renewal), but this will be more by exception than the norm and we encourage all members to be active on the Facebook page and to read the newsletters on a regular basis.