10 thoughts on “Crew Wanted

  1. My name is Ronnie and have just retired as a college lecturer in engineering. I am looking to update my sailing and boating abilities. I live in Falkirk and available any time to participate fully from steering to cleaning etc.

  2. The season for keelboats is almost over but if you pop along on a Friday evening there will often be someone happy to take you out.
    There is always a welcome to be had at our Tuesday workgroup of like minded retirees every week from 9.30 ish.

  3. Hi My name is Bob Arnott and I’ve sailed from Dalgety Bay from the last three years. My crew (daughter) has seen fit to go to university leaving me to fend for myself. I’m looking for someone to crew my Laser Bahia (no experience required). I am keen to sail Wednesdays and Sundays as much as possible. If you would like to meet and arrange to go out on the boat, please get in touch. I’m



    1. hi bob i will happily crew with you i have no experiance but im looking to get out on the water as much as i can this year to gain experince as last year was a bad year for me getting out i didnt see a contact number in the post so heres my number 07547922080

      1. Hi Sean,
        Many thanks for responding. I’ll give you a call in the week. My mobile is 07764 662860.

  4. Hi Nicky & Phil here. We are new members at DBSC and will only actually move to DB on 20 June 14. We have done a fair bit of keel boat sailing and would be delighted at the opportunity to crew.

  5. That is great, just turn up on a Friday evening about 1830 and I’m sure someone will have space. Might just check the racing calendar to be sure there is something on as the occasional Friday has unsuitable tides

    1. Marion, That is great but unfortunately the yacht racing season is over now but you will be most welcome next year. Keep an eye open for next year’s calendar and notices about crew for Friday evenings.

  6. I do a bit of volunteering with the Ellen MacArthur cancer trust. I passed my competent crew course a few years ago but problem being I’m only out on a fee trips a year so need to keep my knowledge up during the times I’m not with the trust. Would any of you lovely people be able to help me out with this for next year it would be greatly appreciate. I just need to keep up my knowledge and gain a bit more experience. The trust Scotland base is largs and I live in Fife so there advice was to seek a local club and see if a time was willing to help.

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