Bringing one of the Club RIBS into the jetty at DBSC is possibly the toughest manoeuvre anyone could ask of a Level 2 driver.  The depth at different states of tide can make the space available tiny while the wind can create all manner of chop and swell just waiting to catch a driver out.  However it’s not difficult to get it right and despite this we still get some Muppets making avoidable mistakes and hurting our boats!

Enter the Slow Cool Collective with their Zen on coming alongside at DBSC.  Get this stuff right and you will rise from the depths of muppetry, win the admiration of all the bystanders and respect of the Slow Cool Collective.

SCC Zen – Powerboating is a non-contact sport.

SCC drivers always, always trim up the engine well before starting their approach.  Muppets don’t and trash props.  Even if you think you have enough depth, trim up anyway.  It makes steering a bit less predictable but it will protect your prop, remove the guesswork around the depth and prevent your entry into advanced muppetry class.

By preference SCC drivers approach into the wind – this isn’t always possible on our jetty as the tide may be too high or too low at times (or the wind is from the East) but as a general rule into the wind is best.  Muppets just don’t get this and do the same approach anyway

SCC drivers say ‘Slow is good’.  Slow gives time to correct mistakes.  Slow means any impact is gentle.  Slow means you shouldn’t need reverse to stop the boat – only to bring the back end in!  Slow is cool cause any Muppet can drive fast, only the skilled driver can handle a RIB at low speeds.

SCC drivers will always end up with the sponson along side the jetty – it is after all called ‘coming alongside’.  Bow first is WRONG.  Nyett, Nada, Nein, No – Bow first is for Muppets.  Got that?  Good.

So what does this Zen look like? – We’ve borrowed some stuff from the RYA Powerboat Handbook RYA Code G13 Price £13.65 Author: Paul Glatzel. Available from the RYA, chandlers and all good bookshops – plug, plug …. hint, hint.

Tattoo these on your eyelids – become more than a Muppet!

Standard approach at DBSC – COOL                        Down wind approach at DBSC – Pretty COOL

Easterly Wind –                                                 If you think you’re good – PROVE IT !

Let the wind do the work for you

Now you have the Slow Cool Collective Zen it is time to meditate on your learning.

To help you focus there are some video clips on the website showing some excellent SCC ambassadors at their recent training session.  Study these well as there will be questions later.

We have also allowed our resident Muppet – Captain Crash – to demo everything we seek to end at DBSC.

So joins us in our enlightened nirvana of slow, cool RIB driving at DBSC.  End the Muppetry that blights our bows and props, enter the Slow Cool Collective.


Leaving the jetty.  How not to trash the sponsons we cherish and advanced slow, cool techniques.


14 May              Honda Rib Challenge Juniors & Youths

28 May              DBSC Rib Challenge for Adults

6/7 August            RYA Level 2 Powerboat course

17/18 Sept            RYA Safety boat course

For more information or to book please contact James Allan / Sarah Birrell

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  1. For visitors it is worth mentioning that one should not come in on the west side of the west jetty even if the east of the jetty is fully occupied as there is a large rock right next to the jetty, which is hidden at high or near high tide.

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